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Master degrees in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and in Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products

Application for the Master Courses in "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" and in “Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products” (SAXBi), proposed by our Departiment, is now open.

Here you can find all the information about how to apply: http://www.unimi.it/ENG/admission/92320.htm

Disciplinary classification: Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical biotechnologies (LM-9)

Applications and admissions: open, subject to entry requirements.

Duration: 2 years (120 ects) 

For further information please contact:
- for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Professor Laura Calabresi (e-mail: laura.calabresi@unimi.it)
- for SAXBi: Professor Marina Marinovich (e-mail: saxbi@unimi.itmarina.marinovich@unimi.it)

28 March 2019
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