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Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physiology and Immunopathology Section  

The division is formed by seven laboratories. Principal common area of investigation is the study of structure-function of cell membrane, proteins and lipids, in addition some studies on specific aspects of selected pathologies (type 1 diabetes, malaria) are performed. Areas of investigation are: study of the structure-function correlations and metabolism of complex lipids, study of membrane microdomains (lipid rafts), study of protein structure through bioinformatics and structural biochemistry approaches, characterization of the molecular mechanisms of intercellular interaction (neurotransmission, paracrine signal) and of the dynamics of cellular responses, structural characterization of transporters and neurotransmitters, expression of transporters and channels in cellular and artificial models, electrophysiological and radiochemical analysis of the transport of solutes, study of immuno-modulation of the malaria parasite, study of the activity of antimalaria drugs.

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