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dr Cristofani


Riccardo Cristofani

E-mail: riccardo.cristofani@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318206

Riccardo Cristofani is a post-doctoral fellow at DISFEB. In 2012, he obtained his M.S. degree in Drug Biotechnology and in 2015 he concluded his PhD program in Metabolic and Endocrinological Sciences defending a thesis on the alteration of retrograde transport in motorneuron diseases. His research is aimed to understand the mechanisms underlying the toxicity caused by the accumulation of misfolded proteins responsible for ALS and SBMA.


drssa Ferrari Veronica



Veronica Ferrari

E-mail: veronica.ferrari@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318247

Veronica Ferrari is a PhD student in DiSFEB. She was granted a junior-fellowship from AriSLA to work in the lab of prof. Poletti. She is continuing to work in the same lab for her PhD period. She is studying protein VCP and its ALS-associated mutants. In particular, she focus in VCP specific function in enhancing the degradation of toxic intracellular aggregates and she is studying the involvementof VCP in lysophagy.

drssa Tedesco


Barbara Tedesco 

E-mail: barbara.tedesco@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318227

Barbara Tedesco is a PhD student at the DISFEB. Barbara did her experimental thesis and had an AriSLA fellowship at the laboratory of Prof. Poletti, where she is presently attending her PhD studies. Her projects are focused on the characterization of mutants of key proteins involved in the chaperone-assisted selective autophagy. These proteins are fundamental in the removal of misfolded and aggregate-prone proteins, such as proteins related to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


drssa Casarotto


Elena Casarotto

E-mail: elena.casarotto@outlook.it

Phone +3902/50318228

Elena Casarotto is a junior research fellow at the DISFEB. She graduated in medical biotechnology at University of Pavia, she carried out her thesis internship at the IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation, working on the prognostic evaluation of the MYH9-related Disease, a rare form of thrombocytopenia. She is currently involved in the characterization of extracellular vesicles in cellular models of frontotemporal dementia under the supervision of Dr. Crippa.


drssa Chierichetti


Marta Chierichetti

E-mail: chierichettimarta@hotmail.it

Phone +3902/50318227

Marta Chierichetti is a graduate fellow at DISFEB. She carried out her experimental thesis in the laboratory of the Prof. Poletti studying the anti-aggregating action of compounds modulating HSPB8 expression. Currently, she is investigating the molecular mechanisms of protein aggregation underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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