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Team - “Giovanni Galli” Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Metabolism-Mass Spectrometry  

dr Audano


Matteo Audano

E-mail: matteo.audano@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318344

My research is mainly focused on two different projects. The first aims at the characterization of new proteins involved in the regulation of energy metabolism in the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. The second project investigates new molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of energy metabolism and neuronal differentiation.


drssa Stefania Frige


Stefania Frigè

E-mail: stefania.frige@studenti.unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318281

From October 2017 she joined the G. Galli mass spectrometry laboratory as a student.
In May 2018 she graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies. Her current research is focused on the study of the GPR17 receptor, involved in oligodendrocytic differentiation about multiple sclerosis. Conducts quali-quantitative analysis of biochemical molecules including steroids, fatty acids and phospholipids in biological matrices associated with diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

drssa Raffaella Longo


Raffaella Longo 

E-mail: raffaella.longo@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318345

Raffaella Longo is a post-doc research fellow at DISFEB. In 2018 she obtained her Ph.D. Degree in Biochemical Sciences with a research project entitled “The role of HDAC3 in the pathophysiology of adipose tissue”, carried out at Giovanni Galli Laboratory. Currently, her research project is focusing on the study of how epigenetic mechanisms evoked by Hdac3 ablation in adipose tissue influence molecular networks that regulate metabolism, especially in the context of obesity and metaflammation.


drssa Pedretti


Silvia Pedretti

E-mail: Silvia.pedretti@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318344

Silvia Pedretti is a PhD student in Biochemical Sciences at the DISFEB. Since 2015, she has been working at the Giovanni Galli laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Nico Mitro. Her research is focused on the study of a new mitochondrial regulator. The main purpose is to understand the role of this protein in energy metabolism of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. Furthermore, she is exploring the molecular mechanism involved in neuronal differentiation.


 drssa Peri

Carolina Peri

E-mail: carolina.peri@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318345

Carolina Peri is a PhD student in Biochemical Science at DISFEB.
After one year of research on functional validation of humanized mice models for studying epigenetic markers regulating metabolism, she is now focusing on epigenetics and metabolism in adipose tissue. Particularly, the attention is on epigenetic modifiers like HDAC3 (Histone Deacetylase 3) and the underlying molecular mechanisms involved in obesity and type 2 diabetes.


 drssa Cricri

Dalma Cricrí

E-mail: dalma.cricri@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318345

Dalma Cricrí is a research fellow at DISFEB. Her research project is about on the role of Histone Deacetylases in adipose tissue focusing on Histone Deacetylase 3 during adipocyte differentiation. Her project also includes the generation of a CRISPR-Cas9 model to knockout the expression of Histone Deacetylases 3 in mesenchymal stem cells.



drssa Debellis


Guia Debellis

E-mail: guia.debellis@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318281

From January 2017 she joined the G. Galli mass spectrometry laboratory as a thesis student.
In March 2018 she graduated in Chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies.
She is currently working on the project "Translating molecular pathology into a therapeutic strategy in SCA 38, a newly identified form of spinocerebellar ataxia" evaluating the lipid profile of fatty acids in plasma and conducts quali/quantitative analysis of biochemical molecules from biological and plant matrices.


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