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 dott campisi


Giuseppe Campisi

E-mail: giuseppe.campisi@unimi.it

Phone +390250315792

Current position: post-doc researcher

My project of research is focused on the study of the lipidic metabolism in carcinogenesis. In particular, my aim is to evaluate the activity of D6D enzyme and other enzymes involved in fatty acid and membrane lipid metabolism in different cell lines of breast cancer by using biochemical and bio-molecular techniques.


drssa Bignami


Elena Bignami

E-mail: bignami.elena3@gmail.com

Phone +390250315789

Position: Fellow

Graduated in Pharmaceutical chemistry in 2019 from the University of Milan with a thesis entitled “Study on the lipid and aminoacid phenotype in plasma of cancer patients on a restrictive diet”. In the laboratory, she mainly works on the analysis of lipids and aminoacids of biological samples, especially blood, by HPLC, GC and UPLC-MS.


drssa Pastori


Ilaria Pastori

E-mail: ilariapastori92@gmail.com

Phone +390250315789

Position: Fellow

The scientific activity is finalized at the analysis of the aminoacid and lipid profile of blood’s samples of the healthy volunteers and oncological patients in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute in Milan and the analysis of the lipid phenotype of blood’s samples from diabetic patients by  GC-FID, HPLC-ELSD and LC-MS.

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