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Team - Laboratory of Neuronal death and Neuroprotection  



drssa Musi



Clara Alice Musi

E-mail: clara.musi@unimi.it; claraalice@guestmarionegri.it

Phone 0039/02/3904475

Clara Alice Musi did her B.A. Degree on "Synaptic dysfunction in the Tauopathies: characterization of JNK signaling in a murine model" under the supervision of Prof. Borsello at the Mario Negri Institute, Milan. Since 2018 is a PhD Student in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacological Sciences investigating the signalling network underline neurodegenerative process in vitro and in vivo.


drssa Camuso


Serena Camuso 

E-mail: serena.camuso@guest.marionegri.it

Phone 0039/02/3904475

Serena Camuso did her B.A. Degree on "Study of the cytotoxic effects of the prodrug Pt (IV)Ac-POA: immunocytochemical and molecular analysis of calcium homeostasis in vitro" under the supervision of Prof. MG. Bottone at UniPv. She is currently a fellowship at the Mario Negri Institute, in the laboratory of Professor Borsello, focusing her studies on JNK role in brain diseases.

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