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Team - Laboratory of Neuronal death and Neuroprotection  


 dr Buccarello

 Lucia Buccarello, post doc

E-mail: lucia.buccarello@unimi.it; lucia.buccarello@marionegri.it 

Phone 0039/02/3904475

Lucia Buccarello did a PhD thesis on “Effect of different diets in a mouse model of neurodegenerative disease” under the supervision of Prof. Domeneghini- UniMi. In her post-doc period at the Institute Auxologico Italiano IRCCS, she acquired expertise in animal manipulation: transgenic mice colony breeding and management with behavioral tests. Since 2016 she works at the Neuronal Death and Neuroprotection Laboratory focusing on the in vivo studies on neurodegenerative and rare diseases.


drssa Musi



Clara Alice Musi

E-mail: clara.musi@unimi.it; claraalice@guestmarionegri.it

Phone 0039/02/3904475

Clara Alice Musi did her B.A. Degree on "Synaptic dysfunction in the Tauopathies: characterization of JNK signaling in a murine model" under the supervision of Prof. Borsello at the Mario Negri Institute, Milan. Since 2018 is a PhD Student in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacological Sciences investigating the signalling network underline neurodegenerative process in vitro and in vivo.


drssa Camuso


Serena Camuso 

E-mail: serena.camuso@guest.marionegri.it

Phone 0039/02/3904475

Serena Camuso did her B.A. Degree on "Study of the cytotoxic effects of the prodrug Pt (IV)Ac-POA: immunocytochemical and molecular analysis of calcium homeostasis in vitro" under the supervision of Prof. MG. Bottone at UniPv. She is currently a fellowship at the Mario Negri Institute, in the laboratory of Professor Borsello, focusing her studies on JNK role in brain diseases.

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