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Laboratory of Pharmacology of Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis  

Lab. Tremoli


Head  Prof.ssa Elena Tremoli  elena.tremoli@unimi.it

Prof.ssa Susanna Colli    Associate Professor    susanna.colli@unimi.it
Dr. Damiano Baldassarre  Aggregate Professor    damiano.baldassarre@unimi.it
Dr. Marina Camera    Assistant Professor    marina.camera@unimi.it 
Dr. Luigi Sironi       Research Assistant    luigi.sironi@unimi.it
Prof. Mauro Cimino    Associate Professor-guest  mauro.cimino@unimiurb.it
Dr. Uliano Guerrini    Technical Coordinator    uliano.guerrini@unimi.it
Dr. Laura Castiglioni    Research Associate    laura.castiglioni@unimi.it
Dr. Lucia Fontana    Research Associate    lucia.fontana@unimi.it
Dr. Paolo Gelosa    Research Associate    paolo.gelosa@unimi.it
Dr. Francesca Colazzo    Junior Research Fellow-guest  fcolazzo@ccfm.it
Dr. Silvia S. Barbieri    Senior Research Fellow-guest  silvia.barbieri@ccfm.it
Dr. Alice Pignieri    Research Fellow    alice.pignieri@unimi.it
Dr. Patrizia Amadio    PhD student      patrizia.amadio@unimi.it
Dr. Paola Canzano    PhD student      paola.canzano@unimi.it
Dr. Laura Facchinetti    PhD student      laura.facchinetti@unimi.it
Dr. Laura Rossetti    PhD student      laura.rossetti@unimi.it
Dr. Eva Tarantino    PhD student      eva.tarantino@unimi.it
Dr. Chiara Ardeleani    Research Fellow    c.ardeleani@alice.it
Dr. Subbanna Mangalam Praseetha  guest      praseetha.namboodiri@gmail.com
Anna Maria Montuori    segretary      tremolilab@unimi.it



1. Multidisciplinary use and development of MRI techniques to visualize and follow in vivo a wide range of pathologies such as brain and heart ischemia, renal diseases, heart failure, cardio-renal syndromes.

2. Clarify, by employing imaging approaches, the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie cerebro- and cardio-vascular diseases. Explore novel therapeutic approaches to such disorders.

3. Evaluation, by MRI scanning, of delivery, trafficking, and toxicity of engineered magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in inflammatory cells and CNS cells, in experimental models of stroke. 

4. Define - in vivo - the role of the P2Y-like receptor GPR17 in orchestrating the remodeling/repair response that follow a local ischemic injury at both cerebral and cardiac levels (in collaboration with Prof. MP Abbracchio).

5. Use of imaging approaches, e.g. cardiac-MRI and high-resolution echocardiography, to evaluate the extent of ischemic heart disease and its response to therapy.

6. Cell biology of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, with particular relevance to the regulation of inflammatory proteins in vascular and blood cells

7. Pathophysiology of atherosclerotic disease, peripheral circulation, arterial mechanics, vascular ultrasound, vascular aspects of metabolic diseases, vascular pharmacology.

8. Biochemical, cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of the atherothrombotic disease and on their pharmacological modulation



B-mode ultrasonography for evaluation of morphological aspects (IMT and carotid atherosclerotic plaques) and functional (flow-mediated dilatation, FMD) and doppler flowmetry of large arteries. Laser Doppler flowmetry for arterial microcirculation assessment.

Thrombosis models (carotid artery thrombosis, pulmonary thromboembolism and inferior vena cava ligation), evaluation of platelets function (platelet aggregation, platelet activation by flow cytometry); analysis of hemostatic system: analysis of the kinetics and quality of clot formation and clot lysis in real time performed in whole blood by thromboelastography.

Experimental model of brain, renal and cardiac disease

Magnetic resonance (scanner Bruker Avance II 4.7 T) and echocardiographic (VisualSonics Vevo2100 platform) imaging.

Whole blood flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting of platelet, leukocyte-platelet aggregates, microparticles. Platelet and coagulation function tests. Transcriptome analysis (megakaryocyets, plateles, leukocytes) by bead chip Illumina microarray

Confocal microscopy


Selected publications

1. Baldassarre D, Hamsten A, Veglia F, de Faire U, Humphries SE, Smit AJ, Giral P, Kurl S, Rauramaa R, Mannarino E, Grossi E, Paoletti R, Tremoli E; IMPROVE Study Group. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012 Oct 16;60(16):1489-99
Measurements of carotid intima-media thickness and of interadventitia common carotid diameter improve prediction of cardiovascular events: results of the IMPROVE (Carotid Intima Media Thickness [IMT] and IMT-Progression as Predictors of Vascular Events in a High Risk European Population) study.

2. Barbieri SS, Amadio P, Gianellini S, Tarantino E, Zacchi E, Veglia F, Howe LR, Weksler BB, Mussoni L, Tremoli E. Circulation. 2012 Sep 11;126(11):1373-84.
Cyclooxygenase-2-derived prostacyclin regulates arterial thrombus formation by suppressing tissue factor in a sirtuin-1-dependent-manner.

3. Barbieri SS, Amadio P, Gianellini S, Zacchi E, Weksler BB, Tremoli E. FASEB J. 2011 Oct;25(10):3731-40.
Tobacco smoke regulates the expression and activity of microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1: role of prostacyclin and NADPH-oxidase.

4. Camera M, Brambilla M, Toschi V, Tremoli E. Blood. 2010 Dec 2;116(23):5076-7
Tissue factor expression on platelets is a dynamic event.

5. Gelosa P, Banfi C, Gianella A, Brioschi M, Pignieri A, Nobili E, Castiglioni L, Cimino M, Tremoli E, Sironi L. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2010 Nov;335(2):324-31.
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {alpha} agonism prevents renal damage and the oxidative stress and inflammatory processes affecting the brains of stroke-prone rats.

6. Brambilla M, Parolari A, Camera M, Colli S, Eligini S, Centenaro C, Anselmo A, Alamanni F, Tremoli E. Thromb Haemost. 2010 Mar;103(3):516-24.
Effect of two doses of aspirin on thromboxane biosynthesis and platelet function in patients undergoing coronary surgery.

7. Baldassarre D, Nyyssönen K, Rauramaa R, de Faire U, Hamsten A, Smit AJ, Mannarino E, Humphries SE, Giral P, Grossi E, Veglia F, Paoletti R, Tremoli E; IMPROVE study group. Eur Heart J. 2010 Mar;31(5):614-22
Cross-sectional analysis of baseline data to identify the major determinants of carotid intima-media thickness in a European population: the IMPROVE study.

8. Gelosa P, Pignieri A, Fändriks L, de Gasparo M, Hallberg A, Banfi C, Castiglioni L, Turolo L, Guerrini U, Tremoli E, Sironi L. J Hypertens. 2009 Dec;27(12):2444-51
Stimulation of AT2 receptor exerts beneficial effects in stroke-prone rats: focus on renal damage.

9. Brambilla M, Camera M, Colnago D, Marenzi G, De Metrio M, Giesen PL, Balduini A, Veglia F, Gertow K, Biglioli P, Tremoli E. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2008 May;28(5):947-53
Tissue factor in patients with acute coronary syndromes: expression in platelets, leukocytes, and platelet-leukocyte aggregates.

10. Lecca D, Trincavelli ML, Gelosa P, Sironi L, Ciana P, Fumagalli M, Villa G, Verderio C, Grumelli C, Guerrini U, Tremoli E, Rosa P, Cuboni S, Martini C, Buffo A, Cimino M, Abbracchio MP. PLoS One. 2008;3(10):e3579.
The recently identified P2Y-like receptor GPR17 is a sensor of brain damage and a new target for brain repair. 

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