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Prof. Gianluigi Monticelli, Associate Professor

Paola Marciani, Assistant Professor


Areas of investigation

Functional properties of the cell membranes depend on their structure and composition. Interest of the laboratory is the study of transport systems (transporters and channels). Beginning from in vivo studies, research may take advantage of heterologous expression and/or incorporation of proteins in artificial bilayers. More applicative is the study on electroneurostimulation and its applications in clinic.

  1. Study of the transport of substrates and electrical characterization of cellular membranes and complex barriers.
  2. Electrophysiology of excitable cells: characterization, ionic currents and membrane channels
  3. Functional reassemble of purified channels in artificial membranes. Protein incorporation in matrix of various composition and effect of the composition on membrane properties. Modulation of electric conductance in lipid bilayers.
  4. Expression of membrane transport proteins in cellular model.
  5. Optimization of peripheral blocks with electroneurostimulation: electrophysiology, materials and clinical applications.



  • Electrophysiology (current-, voltage-clamp)
  • Expression of proteins in oocytes of Xenopus laevis and cell cultures
  • Determination of transport activity in cells and membrane vesicles with radiochemical methods
  • Extraction, purification and analysis of lipids of membrane by mean of chromatographic techniques and spectrophotometry
  • Analysis of proteins by, Western blot spectrophotometry and enzymatic assays
  • Computer modeling (mathematical models)


Selected publications

  1. Marciani P, Trotti D, Hediger MA, Monticelli G (2004) Modulation of DMT1 activity by red-ox compounds J Memb Biol197:91-99.
  2. Monticelli G (2003) Some remarks about a mechanistic model of transport processes in porous membranes J Membrane Sci214:331-333.
  3. Castagna M, Vincenti S, Marciani P, Sacchi VF (2002) Inhibition of the lepidopteran amino acid cotransporter KAAT1 by phenylglyoxal: role of arginine 76 Ins Mol Biol11:283-289.
  4. Leonardi MG, Marciani P, Cappellozza S, Montorfano G, Giordana B, Monticelli G (2001) Effects of fenoxycarb on brush border membrane of larval midgut in the fifth instar of the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera, Bombycidae). Pest Biochem Physiol70:42-51.
  5. McKie AT, Marciani P, Rolfs A, Brennan K, Wehr K, Barrow D, Bomford A, Peters TJ, Farzaneh F, Hediger MA, Hentze MW, Simpson RJ (2000) A novel duodenal iron-regulated membrane protein (Ireg1) implicated in the basolateral transfer of iron to the circulation. Mol Cell5:299-309.
  6. Ambrosino G, Monticelli G (2002) Posizionamento ottimale degli elettrodi per l’esecuzione di un blocco periferico con E.N.S.; Peripheral blocks using a nerve stimulator: ground electrode positioning ALR (J. Local & Reg. Anaesth. Pain Ther.)11:150-158.
  7. Ambrosino G, Monticelli G (1999) Blocco dell'ischiatico per via anteriore con ENS: variazioni di resistenza elettrica vs profondità dell'ago-elettrodo; Ischial block by anterior - access ENS: variations in electrical resistance with needle-electrode depth ALR (J. Local & Reg. Anaesth. Pain Ther.)8:3-11.
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  10. Gallucci E, Micelli S, Monticelli G (1996) Pore formation in lipid bilayer membranes made of phosphatidylinositol and oxidized cholesterol followed by means of alternating current Biophysical J71:824-831.



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