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Neuroendocrinology Unit  

Lab. Melcangi


Principal Investigator
Silvia Giatti, post doc
Simone Romano, PhD student

Research lines

Our major goal is the study of neuroprotective effects of neuroactive steroids in different experimental models of neurodegeneration (i.e., diabetes, multiple sclerosis, post-finasteride treatment sindrome, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases). In particular, the possible impact of sexual dimorphism is evaluated.

Diabetes- Characterization of pathogenesis in central and peripheral neuropathy (demyelination and neuropathic pain) and evaluation of possible neuroprotective effects mediated by neuroactive steroids.

Multiple sclerosis- neuroactive steroid involvement in the acute and chronic phase of the disease in different experimental models, studing molecular (i.e., myelination process and neuroinflammation) and functional parameters.

Post-finasteride treatment sindrome- The molecular and functional effects of finasteride treatment (an inhibitor of the metabolic conversion of progesterone and testosterone) are evaluated in an experimental model.

Neurosteroidogenesis- Steroidogenic enzyme expression analysis and determination of neuroactive steroid levels by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (in collaboration with prof. Donatella Caruso) in experimental models of neurodegeneration.



Nucleid acid and protein extraction

Real time PCR

RNAse protection assay

Western Blot

Enzymatic activity

Spectrophotometer techniques


Most relevant pubblications:

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