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Nerve electrophysiology: experimental application of the Compound Action Potential model - Veronica Bonalume, PhD


On December 14,  2020, at 5.00 PM  will take place the first webinar organized by Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacologiche e Biomolecolari. Dr. Bonalume will talk about the CAP recording experimental model, which represents a versatile and reliable tool for the study of different physio-pathologic conditions of the peripheral nervous system, as well as for the evaluation of peripheral signs of central neurodegenerative pathologies and sensory-motor alterations. CAP recording of mice sural nerves, from naïve, transgenic and inflammatory pain models, gave the opportunity to study the physio-pathologic  mechanisms of nociception.

Veronica Bonalume obtained a M.Sc. in Pharmacy at the University of Milan in 2014. Then she awarded a fellowship “Giovani Promettenti” by the University of Milan and, in 2016, she was enrolled in the split-site PhD in “Integrated Biomedical Research”, shared between the lab of Prof. Valerio Magnaghi and the lab of Prof. Martin Schmelz, at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She obtained a DAAD short-term grant in support of her PhD project. She graduated in 2020 and obtained a post-doc position in Prof Magnaghi lab, with a project entitled "Deciphering mechanisms underlying neuro-glia interaction and neurotransmitter GABA-mediated control of pain in the peripheral nervous system.

The webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. The registration is mandatory and can be performed here.

07 December 2020
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