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Newsletter DiSFeB  

"DIScovering DiSFeB", the Newsletter of the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences (DiSFeB), is a periodical appointment that aims at turning the  spotlight on the activities of the Department, reaching not only the scientific community but also whoever might be interested in.


The Editorial Board and all of the collaborators who have been involved in the drafting of the newsletter are young scientists working within the Department and willing to make the newsletter a window on the DiSFeB for a comprehensive view of the Department.  


“DIScovering DiSFeB” provides information not only about the scientific research and the education programmes proposed by the Department, but it also aims at highlighting the international context and the development of innovative projects also thanks to local and international collaborations. To grant an effective communication, “DIScovering DiSFeB” will be on-line and to reach as many readers as possible it will be written in English.


“DIScovering DiSFeB” is divided in three main sections:

-"In house Science" presents the most outstanding articles published by the DiSFeB, dedicated to broadening the knowledge in the field of the pharmaceutical sciences and to the improvement of their therapeutic application;

-"Alumni In/Out", compares the experiences of foreign researchers who have worked at the DiSFeB to those of Italian researchers who have moved to a foreign country to continue abroad their scientific activity started at the DiSFeB. This section shows how, thanks to the international exchange, if, on one side, the Department is enriched of new resources, on the other side, young Italian scientists, moving abroad to work by European and American laboratories, may bring there the knowledge acquired by the DiSFeB;

-"What's up at DiSFeB", describes in details local and international events, such as conferences, workshops and debates, organized by the Department.


Furthermore, the reader will find the latest news about the DiSFeB with reference to the education programmes, grants and awards, and future planned seminars.

There will also be a dedicated part to a photo contest awarding the most interesting and artistic scientific photos.


If you want to receive “DIScovering DiSFeB” or if you need any further information, please write to: disfeb.ricerca@unimi.it.

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