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marta FUMAGALLI innovative biotechnological drugs
fabio FUMAGALLI applied pharmacology
  • pharmacy (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from 2022/23 academic year
  • pharmacy (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from 2009/10 until 2021/22 academic year
fabio FUMAGALLI pharmacology and pharmacotherapy
  • pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from 2009/10 academic year until 2020/21
  • pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from 2021/22 until 2022/23 academic year
tommaso pietro FRACCIA principles of mathematics and physics with elements of biostatistics and computer science
  • pharmacy (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from academic year 2023/24
ivano EBERINI quantitative chemical structure and activity relationship
  • safety assessment of xenobiotics and biotechnological products (classe lm-9)
    enrolled from 2015/2016 academic year
ivano EBERINI structural bioinformatics and molecular modeling
ivano EBERINI clinical pharmacology and applied biochemistry
ivano EBERINI bioinformatics and molecular modeling
monica maria grazia DILUCA cellular and molecular basis of cognition in health and diseases
chiara maria DI LORENZO food chemistry
  • chemical safety and toxicological environmental sciences (classe l-29)
    enrolled from 2009/10 academic year
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