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paola giuseppina SACERDOTE pharmacology
paola giuseppina SACERDOTE molecular pharmacology and immunology
  • molecular biology of the cell (class lm-6)
    enrolled from academic year 2015/2016
paola giuseppina SACERDOTE elements of human anatomy, pharmacology and immunology, m - z
  • biological sciences (classe l-13)
    enrolled from 2019/2020 academic year
  • biological sciences (classe l-13)
    enrolled before 2018/2019 academic year
paola giuseppina SACERDOTE system pharmacology
  • biology applied to research in biomedicine (classe lm-6)
    enrolled from 2011/2012 academic year
paola RUSMINI general e cellular biology
  • biotechnology (class l-2)
    enrolled from 2019/20 academic year
  • biotechnology (class l-2)
    enrolled from 2014/15 academic year
paola RUSMINI bioremediation
  • safety assessment of xenobiotics and biotechnological products (classe lm-9)
    enrolled from 2015/2016 academic year
paola RUSMINI animal biology and plant biology
  • pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (classe lm-13)
    enrolled from 2009/10 academic year
massimiliano RUSCICA pathophysiology
massimiliano RUSCICA general pathology
  • chemical safety and toxicological environmental sciences (classe l-29)
    enrolled from 2009/10 academic year
massimiliano RUSCICA general pathology and pathophysiology
  • herbal sciences and technologies (classe l-29)
    enrolled from 2014/15 academic year
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