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Professors coming from the former Department of Pharmacological Sciences and from the former Department of Endocrinology, Physiopathology and Applied Biology joined in 2012 to start DiSFeB and were followed by other Professors from the former Department of Biosystem Applied Molecular Sciences, the Department of Pharmacology, Chemiotherapy and Medical Toxicology and other off-duty departments.

DiSFeB brings together research groups with common interests and forefront technological and scientific platforms, thus allowing an excellent research environment and supporting the organization of innovative projects. This assures also a high-quality education level comparable to the highest international standards for both pre- and post-degree teaching.  

DiSFeB is organized in three sections:

-        Section of Pharmacological Sciences

-        Section of Biomedicine and Endocrinology

-        Section of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physiology and Immunophatology

DiSFeB supports and coordinate basic research applied to biomedical and life sciences, linking together preclinical and clinical studies in order to discover new pharmacological targets and innovative therapy for human health.

DiSFeB has the following purposes:

  • to promote multidisciplinary research of drug sciences and related basic and applied sciences;
  • to combine scientific educational sectors, similar and complementary for technical-scientific expertise, to favor the development of cutting-edge research project;
  • to create multidisciplinary scientific platforms to ensure an high-quality research;
  • to transfer technological and basic research findings into the generation of new pharmacological and biotechnological therapies;
  • to support an high-quality teaching comparable to international standards actively participating  to pre- and post-degree courses of drug sciences;
  • to establish a new generation of researches and qualified technicians through the exposure to well-advance technological platforms and inter- and multidisciplinary contacts;
  • to broadcast research findings to national and international scientific community and to public opinion;
  • to promote a productive communication between the University and National and International Public and Private Organizations (MIUR, Ministero Salute, Public and Private Research Institutes, Regione Lombardia, European Union, National Institute of Health), professional orders and private company interested in drug field and human health.

DiSFeB coordinates the Doctoral Programme of "Pharmacological Biomolecular Science, experimental and clinical", supports Master courses in “Pharmacy and Oncological Pharmacology” and “Pharmacovigilance”, and also Enhancement Courses in “Pharmacy in Oncology”, “Pharmacovigilance” and “Nutrition and Well-being”.

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