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DiSFeB is organized in 25 laboratories, research units and centers constituted by academics, laboratory technicians, young researches (PhD students, Fellows and Scholars, etc..) and administrative staff.

The main scientific interests of the DiSfeB are:

-        Clinical Biochemistry

-        Nutrition Biochemistry

-        Molecular Biochemistry and Biology of metabolism

-        Biochemistry, Physiology and Endocrinology in spatial environment

-        Cellular and Molecular applied Biology

-        Biomedicine and Endocrinology

-        Pharmacological Biotechnologies

-        Pharmacognosy

-        Cardiovascular Pharmacology

-        Cellular and membrane Physiology and Biophysics

-        Physiopathology and therapy of pain

-        Immunopathology

-        Microbiology, Virology and Parasitology

-        Neuroimmune-Pharmacology

-        Neurophyco-Pharmacology

-        Nutraceutical and Dietetic Products

-        General and Clinical Pathology

-        Toxicology

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