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Team - Associated unit of experimental pathology in the field of the metabolic diseases  

drssa Macchi

Chiara Macchi

E-mail: chiara.macchi@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318219

Post-doctoral fellowship from March 2018

Her research project is mainly aimed at the evaluation of possible off-target effects of new lipid lowering agents, with a particular attention to the impact at the adipose tissue level. In this context, her research is focused on the possible effects on adipogenesis and mitochondrial activity.

drssa Greco

Maria Francesca Greco

E-mail: mariafrancesca.greco@unimi.it

Phone +3902/50318219

PhD Student

Her research activity is focused on the study of the pathophysiological mechanisms associated with a condition of chronic inflammation linked to obesity. In this context, her project is aimed, in particular, at evaluating the role of lactate on T cell function and migration.

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