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 drssa Chiara Parravicini


Chiara Parravicini

E-mail: chiara.parravicini@unimi.it

Phone +390250318244

Chiara Parravicini is post-doctoral fellow at DiSFeB, after obtaining her PhD degree in Pharmacotoxicological Sciences and Pharmacological Biotechnologies in 2008. Her research is focused on the use of both in silicoand in vitroapproaches for the study of the pathological mechanisms of human diseases and the identification and design of molecules able to interact with biological macromolecules. Her activity at the laboratory of Biochemistry and Computational Biophysics is currently focused on the identification of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of CNS diseases, including neurodegenerative and demyelinating forms.


dr luca Palazzolo


Luca Palazzolo

E-mail: luca.palazzolo@unimi.it

Phone +390250318256

Luca Palazzolo is a PhD student in Epidemiology, Environment and Public Health since October 2016. His in silicoresearch is applied to toxicology, focusing on both endocrine active substances and chemicals with associated teratogenic effects. He is working at the Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics laboratory and collaborates also with other international research groups on structural features of membrane transporters and on their pharmacological applications in cancer therapy.


dr Tommaso Laurenzi


Tommaso Laurenzi

E-mail: tommaso.laurenzi@unimi.it

Phone +390250318256

Tommaso Laurenzi is a PhD student in Pharmacological Sciences since October 2017. The focus of his research is on LCAT deficiency syndromes, rare autosomal recessive diseases that arise after mutations in the LCAT gene, which encodes for a protein with a pivotal role in cholesterol metabolism. He carries on his project from a structural bioinformatics perspective, generating computer simulations of biomolecular systems that will aid in the development of personalized medicine interventions.


 drssa Saporiti



Simona Saporiti

E-mail: simona.saporiti@unimi.it

Simona Saporiti is a PhD student in Biochemistry since October 2017. The focus of her research is on glycosylation, one of the most critical attributes of monoclonal antibodies, for its impact on biological activity, immunogenicity and safety. She is working at Merck KGaA on a project entitled “An in silicostructural approach to critical quality attributes assessment of biopharmaceutical products”. Her research is mainly focused on the evaluation of the role of glycosylation on FcγRs recognition through in silicomethods.


drssa Elena Ferrari



Elena Ferrari

E-mail: elena.ferrari2@unimi.it

Elena Ferrari is a PhD student at DiSFeBsince October 2018, under the supervision of prof. Fabrizio Gardoni. The main focus of her project is to investigate the role of the proteins rabphilin3a and alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease’s synaptic dysfunction through different experimental approaches. Some of these require in silicostudies, which she carries out at the Biophysics and Computational Biochemistry laboratory.

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