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Team - Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Physiology  


 drssa Alessandra Galli


Alessandra Galli

E-mail: Alessandra.galli1@unimi.it

Phone +390250315788

PhD student in Integrative Biomedical Research. Research activity: identification of extracellular signals controlling the integrity and activity of islets of Langerhans.  Molecular and functional characterization of the mechanotransduction pathway in pancreatic endocrine cells and its implication in beta cells survival, proliferation and function.



drssa Algerta Marku


Algerta Marku

E-mail: algerta.marku@unimi.it

Phone +390250315788

PhD student in Translational Medicine. Scientific activity: Deciphering the role of the serine threonine kinase LRRK2 in the central nervous system and in peripheral tissues: implication for Parkinson’s disease treatment. In vivo and in vitro studies for the functional characterization of wild type and mutants LRRK2 in synaptic transmission and hormone secretion.

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