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Team - Laboratory of Pharmacology of Dyslipidemias and Atherosclerosis  


 Dr Busnelli



Marco Busnelli

E-mail: marco.busnelli@unimi.it

Phone +390250318328

Medical Biotechnologist, PhD in Molecular and Translational Medicine and specialization in Medical Pharmacology. I have gained expertise in the development and characterization of experimental disease models, primarily in the cardiovascular field. My research activity is focused on the impact of gut microbiota on host pathophysiology, particularly on lipid/lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis development.


Drssa Ossoli


Alice Ossoli

E-mail: alice.ossoli@unimi.it

Phone +390250319913

Alice Ossoli is a post-doctoral fellow at DISFEB since 2015. In 2014 she received the doctorate in Pharmacological Sciences at the Università degli Studi di Milano. Part of her research activity has conducted at the Lipoprotein metabolism lab of NIH headed by Dr. Remaley. The main research activities include the understanding of the atheroprotective and cardioprotective properties of HDL and the study of renal disease caused by lipoprotein alterations in LCAT deficiency.


Drssa Pavanello


Chiara Pavanello

E-mail: chiara.pavanello@unimi.it

Phone +390250319910

Chiara Pavanello is a post-doctoral fellow at DISFEB, where she is involved in the study of rare diseases of lipid metabolism. From 2015 to 2018 she worked as a PhD student at Centro E. Grossi Paoletti, under the supervision of Prof. Laura Calabresi, with a project about atherosclerosis in genetic LCAT deficiency. Part of her PhD project was developed at the University Medical Center of Amsterdam, headed by Prof. Stroes, where she focused on the immune aspect of genetic HDL disorders.


Drssa Simonelli



Sara Simonelli

E-mail: sara.simonelli@unimi.it

Phone +390250319913

Sara Simonelli is a post-doctoral fellow at DISFEB since 2012.  She holds a PhD in Applied Morphobiology and Drug Cytometabolism at the Università degli Studi di Bari. The main research activity aims to evaluate the effect of new compounds on LCAT activity, to identify new potential drug for prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases.


Drssa Eleonora Giorgio



Eleonora Giorgio

E-mail: eleonora.giorgio@unimi.it

Phone +390250319905

Eleonora Giorgio is a PhD student at “Centro Enrica Grossi Paoletti” at DiSFeB. After her master’s degree, she had a scholarship at CEGP, where she is currently carrying out her PhD program, under the supervision of Dr. Monica Gomaraschi. Her research is about the antitumoral properties of HDL in prostate cancer models.



Drssa Strazzella


Arianna Strazzella

E-mail: arianna.strazzella@unimi.it

Phone +390250319913

Arianna Strazzella is a PhD student at DISFEB. She worked as an undergraduate student at “Centro E. Grossi Paoletti”, under the supervision of Prof. Calabresi, then in 2018 she started her PhD program in the same lab. Her researches are focused on the study of renal disease induced by lipoprotein alterations in LCATdeficiency and on the study of atheroprotective and cardioprotective properties of HDL.



dr Alice Colombo


Alice Colombo

E-mail: alice.colombo@unimi.it

Phone +390250318328

Alice Colombo graduated in “Biologia Applicata alla Ricerca Biomedica” at the University of Milan. She achieved expertise in the manipulation of murine models (i.p. and s.c. administration; behavioral tests), protein assays and molecular biology techniques (RNA extraction, RT-qPCR). She is currenly a postgraduate fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Chiesa, and she is actively involved in a project to evaluate the effect of apolipoprotein A-I on gut microbiota in mice.


drssa D'Agostina



Alessandra D'Agostina

E-mail: segreteria.cegp@unimi.it

Phone +390250319909

Alessandra D’Agostina contributes to the research activity of the Centro E. Grossi Paoletti. Her main activity is the characterization of plasma lipoproteins in patients who had myocardial infarction through chromatographic techniques.

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