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drssa Serafini


Melania Maria Serafini

E-mail: melania.serafini@unimi.it

Phone: 0039/02/50318356

Melania Maria Serafini is a post-doctoral fellow at DiSFeB. From 2014 to 2018 she carried out her doctoral studies at Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia, investigating in vitro the pharmacological effects of nature-inspired hybrids in cellular pathways linked to neurodegeneration.
Her current research tackles neuronal damage and neuroinflammation, with a particular focus on the crosstalk between pro-inflammatory cytokines and glutammatergic system.


drssa Colombo


Francesca Colombo

E-mail: francesca.colombo1@unimi.it

Phone: 0039/02/50318350

Francesca Colombo is a PhD student at the DiSFeB. From 2013 to 2016 she obtained a research fellowship at the laboratory of Food Chemistry and Toxicology coordinated by Prof. Patrizia Restani within the EU project PlantLIBRA on the risk and benefit assessment of plant food supplements.
Her current research is focused on the study of dietetic products for the therapy of food-associated diseases (allergy, celiac disease, intolerances).



dr Melzi


Gloria Melzi

E-mail: gloria.melzi@unimi.it

Phone: 0039/02/50318210

Gloria Melzi is a PhD student in Pharmacological and Biomolecular Science since 2019. She attended a master degree in Biology applied to Biomedical Research in December 2018, with a thesis on the effect of a polyphenolic exract against ultraviolet radiation induced damage in keratinocytes. 
Her current research project is focused on genotoxicity and cytotoxicity induced by atmosphere particulate matters (PM) in a bronchial cell line.


dr Biella


Simone Biella

E-mail: simone.biella@unimi.it

Phone: 0039/02/50318350

Simone Biella is a research fellow at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Toxicology (DiSFeB) coordinated by Prof. Restani. After the graduation in Chemical Safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences) in March 2018, he works in the field of quality control and phytochemical characterization of botanical ingredients, developing analytical methods for the determination of active and xenobiotic compounds using chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques.



dr Maddalon


Ambra Maddalon

e-mail: ambra.maddalon@studenti.unimi.it

Phone: 0039/02/50318368

Ambra Maddalon is a research fellow. She graduated in July 2019 in Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products.
Her current research is focused on the study of the effects of pesticides on the immune system, mainly taking into account the effect on  lymphocytes and the role of miRNAs.

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