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Team - Pathophysiology of pain, neuroimmunology and drug of abuse Unit  

Giada Amodeo, PhD

Post-doc research fellow

E-mail: giada.amodeo@unimi.it

Tel: 0250316935

Giada Amodeo is a Post Doctoral fellow at DISFEB. Her research activity focuses on the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying pain, through the use of several experimental models. In recent years, her studies aimed at  identifying the correlation between pain and mood disorder onset, like anxiety and depression. She has extensive experience in various behavioral tests in the rodent, to evaluate  both nociception and neuropsychiatric- like disorders.

Giulia Magni

Post-doc research fellow

Tel: 0250318355

e-mail: giulia.magni@unimi.it

Post-doc fellow at DiSFeB, she obtained her PhD degree in Drug Discovery at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa in 2014. In 2012-2013 she spent a period at the University of California San Francisco, working on a research project on the role of P2Y and glutamatergic receptors in animal models of orofacial pain. Her research activity is currently focused on the role of glial cells in pain transmission.

Giulia Galimberti

PhD student

Giulia Galimberti is a PhD student at DISFEB.She graduated in Biology applied to biomedical research and  in October 2022 she began her doctorate under the supervision of Professor Paola Sacerdote. She investigates the role of the prokineticin system in different models of chronic pain, with a particular focus on Fabry disease.