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Team - Pathophysiology of pain, neuroimmunology and drug of abuse Unit  


 Drssa Silvia Franchi


Silvia Franchi

E-mail: silvia.franchi@unimi.it

Phone +390250316935

Her research activity is mainly based on the identification of novel targets (prokineticin system) or therapeutic approaches (stem cells) to counteract experimental neuropathic pain. Since 2016 (grant funded by Cariplo Foundation) she focused on chemotherapy induced neuropathy. Recently she started a collaboration with dermatologists to study itch mechanisms in psoriasis.


Drssa Giada Amodeo


Giada Amodeo

E-mail: giada.amodeo@unimi.it

Phone +390250316935

Since 2011 Giada Amodeo works in the Professor Sacerdote's laboratory on different experimental models of pain and she has a great expertise in several behavioural tests (i.e. Pain, locomotion, mood, etc.). In these years her research was focused on the study of  new therapeutic strategies to contrast neuropathic and chronic pain.


Drssa Giorgia Moschetti


Giorgia Moschetti

E-mail: giorgia.moschetti@unimi.it

Phone +390250316935

MD in Molecular Biology of the Cell. During  her PhD she is studying the role of the prokineticin system in the development and maintenance of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. Her research activity involves in vivo models and cultures of dorsal root ganglia primary sensory neurons.

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